Bengal Refuses Handing Over Sheikh Shahjahan To CBI, Goes To Supreme Court

Bengal Refuses Handing Over Sheikh Shahjahan To CBI, Goes To Supreme Court

In a dramatic turn of events, the West Bengal government has taken a firm stance against handing over Sheikh Shahjahan, a suspended Trinamool Congress leader, to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The case revolves around the attack on Enforcement Directorate (ED) officers in Sandeshkhali on January 5.

The High Court Order and the Refusal

The Calcutta High Court recently issued an order for an independent CBI probe into the Sandeshkhali incident. However, the West Bengal administration has refused to comply with this directive. A team of CBI investigators arrived at Bhabani Bhawan, the West Bengal Police Headquarters, to take custody of Sheikh Shahjahan. Despite the court’s ruling, they returned empty-handed, unable to secure the suspended Trinamool leader.

The Supreme Court Challenge

In response to the High Court’s decision, the West Bengal government has moved the matter to the Supreme Court. They are challenging the transfer of the investigation from the state police to the CBI. Until the Supreme Court provides clarity, Sheikh Shahjahan remains in the custody of the state authorities.

This legal battle has raised questions about jurisdiction, accountability, and the delicate balance between state and central agencies. As the case unfolds, all eyes are on the Supreme Court, waiting for its verdict on this contentious issue.

Stay tuned for further developments as the saga continues to unfold in the highest court of the land.


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