Jaishankar calls Lavrov, extends deepest condolence on loss of lives in horrific terror attack that killed 143

Jaishankar calls Lavrov, extends deepest condolence on loss of lives in horrific terror attack that killed 143

In a heartfelt conversation, Indian External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar reached out to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to express his deepest condolences on the tragic loss of lives in a recent terror attack. The attack, which took place in a bustling market square, resulted in the death of 143 innocent civilians.

Jaishankar conveyed India’s solidarity with Russia during this difficult time and emphasized the need for global cooperation in combating terrorism. Lavrov appreciated the gesture and expressed gratitude for the support from India.

The terror attack has sent shockwaves across the international community, with leaders from various countries condemning the violence and expressing their condolences. The loss of lives is a stark reminder of the urgent need to address the menace of terrorism collectively.

As investigations into the attack continue, both India and Russia have pledged to work closely to prevent such incidents in the future. The two foreign ministers discussed strategies to enhance security cooperation and intelligence sharing to thwart any potential threats.

In a joint statement, Jaishankar and Lavrov reaffirmed their commitment to promoting peace and stability in the region. They also called for a united front against terrorism, emphasizing that no cause justifies the loss of innocent lives.

The tragic incident has sparked renewed discussions on global security and the importance of international cooperation. Leaders from around the world are closely monitoring the situation and extending their condolences to the affected families.

As the investigation unfolds, the international community remains vigilant, standing together against terror and violence. The loss of 143 lives serves as a somber reminder that no nation is immune to the threat of terrorism, and collective efforts are essential to safeguard humanity.


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