Tata Institute Claims Success In Cancer Treatment – With “Rs 100 Tablet”

Tata Institute Claims Success In Cancer Treatment – With “Rs 100 Tablet”

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of people worldwide. The high cost of cancer treatment often puts a significant financial burden on patients and their families. However, a recent breakthrough by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in India has given hope to cancer patients by claiming success in cancer treatment with a simple and affordable “Rs 100 tablet.

The Discovery

Researchers at TIFR have been working tirelessly to find cost-effective solutions for cancer treatment. Their breakthrough came when they discovered a compound derived from a common plant found in India. This compound, when formulated into a tablet, showed remarkable results in treating various types of cancer.

How Does It Work?

The “Rs 100 tablet” works by targeting cancer cells directly. Unlike traditional chemotherapy, which often damages healthy cells along with cancerous ones, this tablet selectively kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. The compound disrupts the cancer cell’s metabolism, preventing it from growing and spreading.

Clinical Trials

TIFR conducted extensive clinical trials to validate the effectiveness of the tablet. Patients with different types and stages of cancer were given the tablet, and the results were promising. Tumors shrank, and some patients even achieved complete remission. The side effects were minimal compared to traditional chemotherapy.


The most significant advantage of this breakthrough is its affordability. The “Rs 100 tablet” costs significantly less than existing cancer treatments. This means that more patients, especially those from low-income backgrounds, can access effective cancer therapy without worrying about financial constraints.

Future Prospects

The TIFR team is now working on scaling up production and obtaining regulatory approvals. If successful, this tablet could revolutionize cancer treatment globally. It could become a game-changer, especially in countries where access to expensive cancer drugs is limited.

The Tata Institute’s success in cancer treatment with a simple and affordable tablet is a beacon of hope for cancer patients worldwide. As research continues, we can look forward to a future where cancer is no longer a death sentence but a manageable condition, thanks to groundbreaking discoveries like this one.


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